Interview with Homemade in HK

thank you ruth for featuring us on your blog.
we are honored to be her first of many series of interviews with local hong kong bloggers.

bluebalu: Living in Hong Kong

Every other Monday I’ll share with you an interview with an interesting person or team I’ve met. This could be a fellow blogger, local foodie, world traveller, entrepreneur or just a friend.

Let’s kick-start the series with Jun & Priscilla from Homemade in HK.

Homemade in HK blog jun and priscilla

They both live in Hong Kong, love to cook and started a blog to share their Eastern and Western recipes. If you want to try their new twist on an old classic (for instance Tomato Cream Soup) or just want to try out a new recipe (like the potato crostini) head over to their blog.

In each recipe, Jun & Priscilla share easy-to-follow instructions, so you don’t need to be an expert cook to follow their recipes.

Homemade in HK blog handmade pasta

The good thing is that both are based in Hong Kong, so you know that you can trust their recipes – they will work in…

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